Intellectual And Outdoor Belgian Shepherd Puppy & Pet

| November 6, 2013

The most active, sharp and energetic this dog breed was originated in Belgian and after research it was told about it that this breed has four different types but the most famous and popular is ‘Belgian Shepherd’ which is being eminent as home pet owing to its extra shimmering coat style. They have strong skull, almond shape eyes and erect ears. As far as the hair coat is concerned of this dog breed that is present in heavy form around the neck on male category while female have balanced long, dense or straight hair coat. They have flat back and curved tail along with strong muzzle and medium length. They are much obedient, intelligent, and wakeful of surrounding.
By nature they are also most affectionate and loyal with their owners/master. This is a working dog and as a pet, they are much suitable for watch duty as they like outdoor life.
Their grooming is also much easier and quicker. Daily brushing is not essential but twice a week grooming is must. They like so much to catch the balls and some other toys.

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael puppy

Belgian Shepherd puppy

Belgian Shepherd puppy  pics

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